Designers Franz-Benno Delonge
Publishers Zoch Verlag
Year released2005
Playing time (minutes)60
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Reviewsdereview  (30.03.2005) by Walter
dereport  (04.05.2005) by Walter
dereport  (26.09.2007) by Walter
dereport  (03.07.2008) by Walter
Individual ratingsAaron: 7, Andrea: 8, G√ľnther: 7, Hans: 7, Moritz: 6, Walter: 8, Birgit: 8, Loredana: 8, Peter: 8
Westpark Gamers' ratingred starred starred starred starred starred starred stargray stargray stargray star
Game of the Month
March 2005
After seeing nearly every place on earth transformed into a German game (Slough is still waiting for a good game bearing it's name, though) 'Manila' comes along - and surprises the jaded gamer with an interesting and relaxed mixture of elements that remains fresh throughout. 'Manila' is a racing game, but there are also chosen roles with special abilities and even something like shares. The relaxed aspect is the most important though, but the gamer geek gets enough interesting mechanics and options to be entertained throughout without ever feeling forced. In addition it is, as always with Zoch, a very beautiful looking game, so we applaud one of the best new games of the season.