MarkShot's 1830-PC Showcase & Guide
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"I would like to thank Westpark Gamers for offering to host this work for present and future 1830 players. If not for Westpark Gamers, I myself would still be clueless how to play 1830-PC. Please note that much of the knowledge I present is not original thought, but ideas I picked up from reading other materials hosted by Westpark Gamers." Mark "MarkShot" Kratzer - 11/23/08
A Very Good Year x Bruce Shelley's article about the cooperation between Avalon Hill and Francis Tresham which led to the publication of of 1830. Also you can find some informations about general strategies and tips for playing the corporations.
Mike Carlton's FAQ for the PC version of 1830 x Mike Carlton's 1830 FAQ describes the PC version of 1830 published by Avalon Hill, too. It also provides some usefull strategy tips.
Blackwater Station: 1830 x Chris Lawson's (Blackwater Station) informationen about 1830.
1830 Game Theory and Strategy x John Puddifoot's acticle on 1830 strategies published in TGA's Train Gamers Gazette. He provides a short but good introduction into the most important elements of the game. In addition he describes some rules for etiquette (probably used everywhere by now). This article unfortunately is the only one of the series available online in TGA's Train Gamers Gazette.
1830 Strategy Guide x by Crist-Jan Mannien. This is a detailed description of the strategies for the three phases of the game. Crist-Jan describes both "basic strategies" as well as providing background information and details about some of the variants. This a an absolute "must read" for beginners and a good "refresher" for the more experienced gamers.
All Aboard x Edward Fahrmeier's article about 1830 with descriptions of the corporations as well as strategy tips.
Sharp Practices x Steve Jones describes in his article the basic strategies of 1830 and provides a detailed overview about the corporations and private companies. An absolute "must read" for all 1830 players.
A Bed Of Steel x Alan Applebaum's very good and complete description of strategies in 1830. Many thanks to Stefan Pielhau for providing me with a copy of this article.
1830 Rules Clarifications x Steve Thomas provides important hints and clarifications about the rules of 1830. He covers both the "rules clarifications" published by Avalon Hill in The GENERAL as well as Francis Tresham's opinions.
1830 PC x Mike Siggins' review of the PC version of 1830.
Chess with a Metaphor x Another review of the 1830 PC version.
1830: Railroads and Robber Barons x ... and another review of the PC version.
The Game of Railroads and Robber Barons x A short introduction to the boardgame including some photographs of the game. Very well made.
1830 Review x A short review of the boardgame of 1830. Not very informative.
1830 Reading Variante x Alan R. Moon's 1830 variant where a ninth corporation - the "Reading Lines" is introduced.
1830 Coalfields Variante x Alan R. Moon's 1830 variant extends the board towards the south and adds the "Norfork & Western" a ninth corporation.
1830 - Westpark Variant x This variant has been initiated by Warter Sorger after having played 1851. The stock rounds are no longer quire as "cut throat" but still interesting.
Ur - 1830BC x Westpark Gamers review of the Splotter Spellen game published 2001.
1830 Advanced Strategies and Common Mistakes x Henning Kantner's excellent article about strategies in 1830