General 18xx Links
A Beginner's Guide To 18xx x Stuart Dagger's introduction to the 18xx series of games. He covers those games issued by the major publishers (i.e. 1825, 1829, 18030, 1835, 1853, 1856 and 1870) and describes both the development phase of the game as well as the general focus of game play (more track-building oriented or stoch market oriented).
Blackwater Station x Chris Lawson's Web Site with information about all games of the 18xx series. Chris also sells game kits for some of the games - these kits are of an outstanding quality.
Bahnhof Schwarzwasser x This is the German translation of Chris Lawson's Blackwater Station. Its not quite up-to-date, though.
18xx Rules Difference List x Nick Wedd's and Keith Thomasson's list of rule differences for all games of the 18xx series. Keith updates his list regularly and appreciates any input to the list.
Lou's Game Corner: Railroad Game Links x Lou Jerkisch maintains a complete list of links to information about railroad games. The focus is clearly on games of the 18xx series and you can find links to all 18xx games.
An Introduction to 18xx x Peter Berlin's introduction into the 18xx game series. He covers the commercially released games in brief.
18xx Game Summaries x David Hecht's summary about the most interesting games of the 18xx series. Each game's peculiarities are briefly described.
18xx Series - A Case for Re-Design? x Mike Siggin's article in Sumo (Games Cabinet) take the publication of 1835 as a reason for some thoughts about the basic principles of the 18xx games. One of his ideas is to introduce elements of uncertainty into these "have a plan" type games. He also describes the possibilities to speed up the games. Here you can find some responses to his article (e.g. by Francis Tresham).
18xx MCGUFFINS x Steve Thomas describes the various game kits produced by Chris Lawson. Personally, I own three of his kits and I can highly recommend them.
Railroad Games: 18xx Series x This is the link list on 18xx games of the Open Directory Project.
Where Have All the Cities Gone? x This article in TGG Vol 2, Issue 4 covers the city track tiles of the better-known 18xx games.
 The Depot's Platform x David Reed's web site containg interesting information and links about the 18xx games. Unfortunately, this site has not been updated since 1997.
 The Depot: Speeding Up Play x David Reed's thoughts on how to speed up playing the games of the 18xx series.
On Italian 18xx Gaming x Federico Vellani's artikel in TGG Vol. 3, Issue 1
A Day With Francis Tresham x Dean Washburn's artikel in TGG Vol. 3, Issue 1 for all fans of the designer who started the 18xx game series. This article does not cover the games by Tresham but rather describes a meeting with him.
18XX Series ring x Webring with links to 18xx sites. Nothing which is not covered here.
18xx Yahoo!Group x This is a discussion forum specifically devoted to the games of the 18xx series.
Crisis x A 18xx variant by Robert Jasiek using subway trains instead of railroads with square track tiles.