Tools and Play Aids
Lemmis Homepage x Dirk Clemens' Homepage where you can find the latest version of his 18xx moderator software. Use this if you think you are spending too much time on calculating dividents, stock prices and changing dollar bills. My experience with this program (its MS-DOS, not MS-Windows based) is that you can play a five-player game of 1830 in about 2 hours. However, personally I think the game is not so much fun anymore.
18xx Maps and Tiles x Here you find the maps and tile sets of many 18xx games as postscript files for downloading.
Rails 18xx x Here you find a Java implementation that allows you to moderate or even play in "hot seat" mode many of the 18xx games.
Iain Adams Home Page x Ian Adams' Homepage containing Mappers and a Revenue Calculator written in Perl.