1830: Variants x Dave Reed's (The Depot) Information on 1830 variants.
1830 Expansion Bonds - Rules for Debt x An interesting variant by John Puddifoot where corporation are allowed to be in debt by issueing bonds. Interest must be paid for issued bonds in each round - either to the bank or the player holding the bond. John wanted to make the game faster by preventing the cases where a corporation is short of just a few dollors to be able to buy that vital train or station token.
Das kleine 1 x 8 x Dirk Clemens' overview of 18xx variants. Very well structured and containing lots of other links.
1830 Reading Variante x Alan R. Moon's 1830 variant where a ninth corporation - the "Reading Lines" is introduced.
1830 Coalfields Variante x Alan R. Moon's 1830 variant extends the board towards the south and adds the "Norfork & Western" a ninth corporation.
European 18xx Games x A list of European 18xx variants published in TGG Vol 3, #1. Unfortunately without the links to the discriptions of the variants.
1830 - Westpark Variant x This variant was initiated by Warter Sorger after having played 1851. The stock rounds are no longer quite as "cut throat" as the original game but still provide enough challenges.
1844 x This is where the author Helmut Ohley describes his "1844 - Schweiz"