“Russian Railroads” is our Game of the Month

Russian RailrodasHelmut Ohley and Leonhard Orgler are well known names to the connoisseurs of railroad games: so is “Russian Railroads” just a new offspring of the 18xx series? No, even though we are building railroad lines, upgrading tracks and buy better engines: this is a pedigree worker placement game of the more complex kind.

Each player is a railroad mogul developing lines and industries into a possible lucrative empire, competing for resources, engineers and industry developments with his team-mates.

At the end of each round, victory points are granted for the current status of each empire – in the first round most likely less than five, in the seventh, and last, often more than one hundred! We haven’t seen such a dynamic since a long time! So jump on-board before your fellow players may leave you behind!