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von Guenther am 30.05.2015 (835 mal gelesen, keine Kommentare)

In this highly anticipated game published by Hans im GlĂĽck we travel through Asia following the footsteps of Marco Polo and on our arrival build trading posts. From now on, we are able to trade gold, pepper and silk there. If these locations coincide with our personal goal cards we receive additional victory points at end of […]

von webmaster am 13.04.2015 (757 mal gelesen, keine Kommentare)

“The Staufer Dynasty” is, after “Hansa Teutonica”, the second game by Andreas Steding, which is awarded our Game of the Month title. This time, he has come up with a roundel as a new mechanism, where our workers move and try to win majorities. Workers and movement points are scarce and thus it is important […]

von Moritz am 11.03.2015 (484 mal gelesen, keine Kommentare)

This game has been one of our most-discussed and played games in the past, and of course there is the computer conversion by our Westpark member GĂĽnther Rosenbaum. So everybody was happy to get this game back on the table, in its shiny new version with added expansions and new tactical possibilities. St. Petersburg is […]

von Moritz am 3.11.2014 (1.677 mal gelesen, keine Kommentare)

If someone had told George Orwell in the year 1948 that humanity would deliberately try to create the perfect dystopia in the future, he would have thought they are mad. And I don’t mean the excellent board game “Euphoria” which exactly uses this scenario as a thematic base – because in contrast to our increasingly […]

von webmaster am 10.10.2014 (1.207 mal gelesen, keine Kommentare)

“La Granja” offers interaction and competition, constructive and progressive development, optimization in selection and sequence as well as an abundance of possibilities to bypass bottlenecks in supply and demand. Everything has effects and side effects. Despite its countless dependencies, the complexity is easily manageable. The game’s elements and mechanics are superbly supported by the graphics […]

von webmaster am 10.08.2014 (3.061 mal gelesen, keine Kommentare)

With his vast experience as a game designer, RĂĽdiger Dorn has created a solid game, which provides smooth, well-rounded gameplay without creating aggression or frustration. It offers easily detectable solutions or alternative solutions for each situation, and conveys pure, constructive fun. The game material supports this excellently and even a five-player game is pleasing and […]

von webmaster am 18.07.2014 (1.761 mal gelesen, keine Kommentare)

“Helios” many tactical options create a high replay value and provide a well-rounded, fast yet relaxed, constructive gameplay. And its concise rules, its great freedom of action and the many different winning strategies make “Helios” without any doubt a “gamer’s game” and a worthy recipient of our “Game of the Month” title.

von webmaster am 3.06.2014 (806 mal gelesen, keine Kommentare)

This little card game by the Kramer/Kiesling team offers a thrilling battle for the highest and thickest card multi-tuple. On each turn, even those of your fellow gamers, everyone is involved. This interactivity is highly complex and the goddess of fortune is also given a nice spot. But according to the law of large numbers, […]

von Moritz am 10.03.2014 (3.510 mal gelesen, keine Kommentare)

The theme of coal mining apparently has us in its black grip – this month we give our award to yet another game about the mining business, this time created by one of the most reliable game author duos ever: Michael Kiesling and Wolfgang Kramer. Up and down goes the elevator, probing deep into the […]

von Moritz am 13.02.2014 (558 mal gelesen, keine Kommentare)

Never was a game of the month more discussed than this game. 50% of us hated it, 50% loved it to bits. As you can see the latter 50% have prevailed. What speaks for K&K in the view of its admirers: – Innovative and thematically consistent design – Fast flow with growing tension towards the […]