“Euphoria” is our Game of the Month

EuphoriaIf someone had told George Orwell in the year 1948 that humanity would deliberately try to create the perfect dystopia in the future, he would have thought they are mad.

And I don’t mean the excellent board game “Euphoria” which exactly uses this scenario as a thematic base – because in contrast to our increasingly surveyed and manipulated world “Euphoria” is quite a lot of fun, even though it is a “Kickstarter”-game (which are looked at especially critically in our group).

“Euphoria” uses many new mechanics that make worker-placement (or rather “clone-placement”) fresh and new. Even random dice play an important role (without making the game random). And although the rules seem complex at first the game plays extremely fluidly and keeps one’s interest.

It is probably impossible to experience a real dystopia that fast and beautiful – therefore we give this game quite unanimously the laurel of our “game of the month”!