“Noblemen” is our Game of the Month

NoblemenDwight Sullivan is one of us: a hobby gamer who has worked intensively on a game design without ever believing it would be published (read about it here: http://noblemenboardgame.blogspot.de/). The he entered the Hippodice game design contest and was noticed by up-and-coming boardgame publisher “Pegasus”-Games, and now it’s finished, his first published game! And it’s a swell game, that’s for sure….

We are Noblemen who try to get noticed by the king, building castles and churches and expanding our own personal realm. At the constantly happening costume balls we try to convince the kind to promote us in the noble ranking, of course with the goal to accumulate victory points.

“Noblemen” has been developed into a well-rounded game – the geographical placement of the land tiles is as interesting as the careful planning of the fluidly playing actions. A new hit for “Pegasus”-Games!