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Spiel 2013 Preview on Boardgamegeek

Many of you might have seen the Spiel 2013 Preview W. Eric Martin maintains on Boardgamegeek. This is actually sorted by publisher names. Now, for obvious reasons (Yunnan, cough, cough) I was interested in a list sorted by the number of “thumbs up” the games received as this could be an indication of the interest people on Boardgamegeek may have in any particular game.

Using BGG’s XML-API to access their geeklists, I quickly hacked a little PHP (yuck!) script, which displays the list sorted in exactly the way I wanted. In fact, I created four lists as I believe that new releases, extensions, re-releases and variants should be ranked separately.

Anyway, here’s the link to this list, created in realtime: Spiel 2013 Preview sorted by Thumbs-up.

(Note: the separation in the 4 lists is done on a table maintained by hand as it simply takes too long to extract this data from BGG. Therefore, additions to the master lists will only show up in the correct list once I’ve edited them in)