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von Moritz am 8.07.2012 (768 mal gelesen, keine Kommentare)

It’s no secret that Vlaada Chvatil is one of our favorite designers – nobody has created so much innovation in the gaming scene of recent years, and he is always trying new things in each of his games. When “Pictomania” hit our table we were skeptical at first, as usually we don’t really like party […]

von Aaron am 17.06.2012 (965 mal gelesen, keine Kommentare)

At first glance, „Village“ appears to be just another worker placement game. Far from it! We are faced with new and surprising possibilities to gain victory points. Be it be aiming for a quick demise of one’s family members thereby entering the village chronicle and speeding up the game or by a more careful time […]

von Aaron am 25.05.2012 (650 mal gelesen, keine Kommentare)

Once more an expansion receives our Game of the Month recommendation. Its base game “Stone Age” has already been a winner of this title. Expanding “Stone Age” to a 5-player game by adding the required components and rules was a compulsory requirement. However, introducing jewelry and merchants to the game system is a welcomed addition […]

von Walter am 16.04.2012 (774 mal gelesen, keine Kommentare)

GĂĽnter Burkhardt is the author of 54 games; Wolfgang Kramer developed more than 200 (plus variants). “Seeland” is their first joint effort. No surprise that with such potent fathers their offspring is immaculate. A single elegantly constructed roundel is used to keep track of our moves, their changing costs and our remaining capital. We buy […]

von webmaster am 15.02.2012 (731 mal gelesen, keine Kommentare)

There are probably more games about Easter Island than people living there, but it seems that this isolated little island is an endless resource for ideas for game authors. With Rapa Nui we have a very welcome addition to the genre “Easter Island Game”, because the mechanics and the theme go well hand in hand […]

von webmaster am 31.12.2011 (830 mal gelesen, keine Kommentare)

We wish a happy year 2012 to all our readers! The Westpark Gamers

von Aaron am 31.12.2011 (1.236 mal gelesen, keine Kommentare)

QuĂ©bec convinces as a fast-paced strategy game, which thanks to its introductory rules is also family-friendly. The competition for majority in the zones of power coupled with a win-win based participation in building construction creates a game feeling free of aggression that is little known in a worker placement game like this. The continuous expansion […]

von Moritz am 22.09.2011 (833 mal gelesen, keine Kommentare)

As also new editions of old games can become „Game of the Month“, “Airlines Europe” is the worthy new winner of this title. Alan R. Moon’s game can easily be called a “classic”, and also in the new version the mechanics – which served as a model for other great games like “Ticket to Ride” […]

von Aaron am 18.08.2011 (10.906 mal gelesen, keine Kommentare)

A little over four years ago GĂĽnther programmed the Windows PC version of Yspahan and made the game available here as freeware for all Ystari fans. Meanwhile, Yspahan for Windows has been downloaded more than 30,000 times and is still enjoying great popularity. At about the same time on the other side of the Atlantic […]

von webmaster am 6.08.2011 (700 mal gelesen, keine Kommentare)

If you know the other games by Pegasus you might be in for a double surprise – “Strasbourg” is neither a fantasy game nor a historical roleplaying game (which could have been expected) but a real Euro with an ingenious bidding mechanic. Because all players decide for themselves how many bidding cards they draw and […]