von webmaster am 28.11.2013 (3.156 mal gelesen, keine Kommentare)

Of course „Yunnan“ had to receive our „Game of the Month“ award, eventually. After all, it had to pass our quality gates already several times during its years of development. And even without our partiality the game’s values are all too obvious: few but very well interleaved game elements, straight and predictable gameplay without being […]

von webmaster am 4.10.2013 (3.356 mal gelesen, keine Kommentare)

Few know that New York nearly became Dutch and that the cigarette name Stuyvesant does not come from nowhere. In the game we trade (historically correct) in furs, build up fields and try to control the growing city politically. All this plays in a logical and fluid manner, is balanced, only mildly competitive and offers […]

von webmaster am 22.07.2013 (775 mal gelesen, keine Kommentare)

This year’s Feld round-up displays a bonanza of victory point generators similar to what we have seen in former years. While “Brügge” is no exception, it is lighter than many of Feld’s former creations. A lucky draw of just the right (or wrong) card combined this a relatively short playing time adds good replay value. […]

von Aaron am 17.02.2013 (577 mal gelesen, keine Kommentare)

This is the first game containing a surprise bag. This alone makes it a candidate for our “Game of the Month” title. But there is more to this game: buying stone from the ingenious dial, using these to erect buildings and scoring these for money to buy more stone and victory points. And at the […]

von Aaron am 26.01.2013 (635 mal gelesen, keine Kommentare)

Just in time for the apocalypse Czech Games Edition last year release their new game about the Mayan calendar „Tzolk’in”. What first looked as a clever marketing ploy because of its theme and the central time-wheels immediately demonstrated its potential as a strategic gamers’ game. Several, not really innovative but proven game mechanics have been […]

von webmaster am 21.12.2012 (1.414 mal gelesen, keine Kommentare)

Dwight Sullivan is one of us: a hobby gamer who has worked intensively on a game design without ever believing it would be published (read about it here: The he entered the Hippodice game design contest and was noticed by up-and-coming boardgame publisher “Pegasus”-Games, and now it’s finished, his first published game! And it’s […]

von Moritz am 20.11.2012 (674 mal gelesen, keine Kommentare)

„Discovery“-Games have always been one of the holy grails of game design – how can one design such a game without putting through much stress on luck (when one doesn’t turn over the „right“ discovery tiles)? The new game by Marcel-André Casasola Merkle tries an interesting path here by making the victory conditions variable through […]

von Moritz am 8.07.2012 (767 mal gelesen, keine Kommentare)

It’s no secret that Vlaada Chvatil is one of our favorite designers – nobody has created so much innovation in the gaming scene of recent years, and he is always trying new things in each of his games. When “Pictomania” hit our table we were skeptical at first, as usually we don’t really like party […]

von Aaron am 17.06.2012 (963 mal gelesen, keine Kommentare)

At first glance, „Village“ appears to be just another worker placement game. Far from it! We are faced with new and surprising possibilities to gain victory points. Be it be aiming for a quick demise of one’s family members thereby entering the village chronicle and speeding up the game or by a more careful time […]

von Aaron am 25.05.2012 (649 mal gelesen, keine Kommentare)

Once more an expansion receives our Game of the Month recommendation. Its base game “Stone Age” has already been a winner of this title. Expanding “Stone Age” to a 5-player game by adding the required components and rules was a compulsory requirement. However, introducing jewelry and merchants to the game system is a welcomed addition […]